APDA Membership

Become an APDA Member

APDA Members get full access to all the aid, information, and benefits that the Association provides. Stay connected and informed with these major benefits:

  • Networking with Industry Partners
  • Accreditation Guidance
  • Vigorous lobbying and advocacy at the federal level
  • Access to Immediate Industry Updates
  • Help from industry experts with Medicare compliance, HIPAA guidance, and Federal rules/regulations.
  • Best Practices
  • Access to Associate Business Members 
  • Annual Conferences with Discounts to Members Only
  • Weekly Newsletter keeping members up to date on the latest rules, guidance and industry activities
  • Free Quarterly Educational Webinars
  • Membership All Calls (APDA Virtual meetings for Members Only)
  • And More…

Active (Full) Member Qualification

Medicare certified providers whose qualifications are acceptable to the Executive and Membership Committee. Minimum acceptable requirements shall be applicants who are Medicare providers and are actively engaged in providing portable diagnostic services. Any individual or entity interested in furthering the purposes of the “Association” may be admitted as a Member is a company that meets the eligibility requirements. If a Member is not an individual, the Member must designate at least one (1) representative to act as the contact person. Each member is entitled to one vote and must be sponsored by an Active Member.

Membership Dues

Active Membership: $3000 per Year

New Member Introductory Rate:  $1500 for the first year

Available Payment Options:

  • Annual Payments: $3,000
  • Quarterly Payments: $750 each quarter

Application Fee: $400 * New members only  
This fee is refunded/credited towards your first payment upon approval.


Become an APDA Member