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APDA Committees

Committee Membership:  Joining an APDA Committee is one of the most rewarding experiences APDA offers for either a Regular or Associate Business Members (ABMs).  Not only do you help APDA accomplish some of its most important work, but you also form life-long friendships with industry colleagues. If you are interested in joining a Committee, please contact the Chair by the means noted below.


1. Membership Committee:  The Membership Committee is responsible for the continued well-being of APDA through recruitment of new members and retention of existing members.  The Committee accomplishes this goal by communicating the value of APDA membership to non-members and by soliciting them for membership.


Chair:  Sharon Reilley (tel:  315-437-1622; email:

Cathy Bergmann

Tonya Powell


2. Associate Business Member (ABM) Committee (vendors):  The role of the ABM Committee is to make being an APDA member valuable to a vendor.  The Committee is also responsible for soliciting ABMs for advertising on the APDA website and for sponsorships of APDA events.


Chair:  Taryn Tanzer (tel: 732-280-0455; email:

Misti Eads

Lachelle Peterson

Ryan Kingrey


3. National Contracting Committee:  The purpose of the National Contracting Committee is to develop a nation-wide contracting program for members targeting large, multi-facility and multi-state nursing home chains that might not otherwise be available to APDA members.


Chair:  John Cooke (tel:  888-248-7077; email:

Scott Grinley

Tamara Schwartz

Will Irwin

Andy Diamond

Sharon Reilley


4. Marketing Committee:  The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to promote APDA as the authoritative voice in the United States advocating for portable diagnostics and their role in improving access to healthcare at a lower overall cost.  To achieve its objectives, the Marketing Committee develops communication tools including the APDA website, brochures, show exhibits, and other media, such as newsletters, social media campaigns, blogs, etc. 


Chair:  Will Irwin (tel:  585-424-6270; email:

Sharon Reilley

Derek George

Tamara Schwartz

Megan Knowles

Michelle Gregory