APDA’s Mission

The mission of the American Portable Diagnostics Association (APDA) is to promote, educate and advocate for portable diagnostics on behalf of its members and their patients, the frail, elderly and disabled, as a key strategy in our nation’s effort to achieve the Triple Aim: Improving Care, Improving Health, and Reducing Costs.

About APDA

The APDA is a national, non-profit organization representing member providers who supply portable diagnostic services, including portable x-ray, vascular ultrasound, ankle-brachial index testing, abdominal ultrasound, echocardiography, EKG, blood testing, bone densitometry, pulmonary function testing, telemedicine and other emerging portable modalities, all of which are delivered at the patient’s bedside. Our members’ patient focus is serving our most vulnerable citizens – the frail, elderly and disabled in long-term care facilities and in their private residences. Because our services are provided principally to Medicare beneficiaries, APDA vigorously represents our members in Washington, D.C. before Congress and at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Administration (CMS). Upon joining APDA you will become part of team dedicated to supporting the portable diagnostics industry, helping our members deliver high quality care at a lower cost and achieving fair and equitable reimbursement for the services rendered.

APDA Values

  • APDA is recognized as a model health care trade association that stands for excellence in training and educating its members in best practices for the purpose of delivering high quality diagnostic care at a fair price while working with all stakeholders to lower the overall cost of care.
  • APDA educates the public and policy makers at the federal and state level on the value of portable diagnostic services.
  • APDA and its members are known for developing innovative, portable solutions to delivering personalized, compassionate care at the bedside to our nation’s most vulnerable citizens – the frail, the elderly and the disabled.
  • APDA and its members are known for integrity and responsiveness to patient needs.
  • APDA members strive to create a nurturing environment in their workplaces where their employees are empowered to achieve their highest potential and receive a fair wage.