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 cna voter voice
                   TAKE ACTION!

We ask for your help in making noise on the Hill to EDUCATE our representatives and the healthcare industry on Portable Diagnostics and its value (avoiding unnecessary hospital visits by bringing x-rays & diagnostics to the elderly-saving lives & money)FIGHT for fair and equal transportation reimbursement for ALL states and PUSH for Fair inclusion in COVID waivers and provider relief funds. 

Due to the fervent efforts of APDA and our industry partners working with CMS, FCSO recently raised the R code reimbursement by 8.7% for 2023!



It is your voice that matters, your voice that changes opinions, and your voice that moves legislators to support our industry and profession. 

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Provider enrollment update - Effective December 5, 2022
IDTF Policy Update (see areas in red)
2023 Fee Schedule is now available - check your MAC website

Provider Relief Fund Key Dates:

2/21/23: Deadline to Submit Phase 4/ARP Rural Reconsideration Request
3/31/23: Reporting Period 4 Closes

Provider enrollment 2023 application fee has increased to $688 -
for revalidations, initial applications and applications updating change of address or change of ownership

January 27, 2023 Today, KHN has released details of 90 previously secret government audits that reveal millions of dollars in overpayments to Medicare Advantage health plans for seniors.
Auditors examined medical records to confirm the patients had the medical conditions the government paid the advantage plan to treat. 

January 23, 2023 Cynthia Morton, Executive VP of Advion comments on Doctors in Congress working on Medicare payment fix
A longtime complaint of the Physician Fee Schedule — as well as other entitlement program pay rates — is that it doesn’t keep pace with inflation, even outside of the wild ride the economy has been on lately

January 19, 2023 Home Care Providers keep Cautious Eye on Medicare Advantage
....Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) last week that showed the cost of enrolling people in Medicare Advantage plans exceeds the likely cost of the health care they would have received in a traditional Medicare program. 

January 19, 2023 ACR to Biden Cabinet members: Please help make independent dispute resolution fair and accessible to all stakeholders
The American College of Radiology has worked out a way to protect patients from surprise medical bills for out-of-network services while modifying third-party arbitration so it sensibly serves providers and payers alike. 

January 18, 2023 Movement to off site cloud storage and web based enterprise imaging systems continues to be the trend
Web-based enterprise imaging systems are replacing traditional PACS, where siloes between modalities are eliminated and clinicians can access images and reports from anywhere without the need for specific workstations

January 13, 2023 Medpac to recommend 3 percent cut to SNFs
A Congressional advisory commission on Thursday recommended a 3% cut to Medicare base payments for skilled nursing facilities in 2024.

January 12, 2023 AI predicts heart disease risk in single Chest Xray
Per Radiology Business News: "We found that there is pretty robust information captured by the chest X-ray that we were not aware of and that we could not quantify, but with deep learning techniques we can now extract this information and use it for risk prognostication," Weiss said. 

January 11, 2023 COVID 19 PHE extended another 90 days

January 9, 2023 Court upholds $1.3B Esformes Nursing Home Fraud verdict, $44M penalties
Esformes’ facilities included several dozen nursing homes and assisted living communities, stretching from Chicago to Miami. 

January 6, 2023 As Medicare Advantage threats mount providers seek better partners 
The McKnight’s 2023 Outlook Survey found 63% of responding owners, executives and administrators said their organization currently participate in or have their own managed care or Medicare Advantage program, such as an Institutional Special Needs Plan (I-SNP).

January 5, 2023 FTC Proposes Rule to ban non compete clauses which hurt workers and harm competition
The Federal Trade Commission proposed a new rule that would ban employers from imposing noncompetes on their workers.

January 5, 2023 Home Care Referral Service Raises over $86M 

A company led by a post-acute care veteran has raised over $86 million. Its mission is to help seniors find home care services - could they partner with portable diagnostic services?

December 22, 2022 Healthcare Leaders react to $1.7T Government Funding Bill
But healthcare stakeholders throughout U.S. medicine, including radiology leaders, aren’t waiting for the ink to dry before speaking their minds.

December 15, 2022 MedArrive, Superior Health Plan Team up to offer Home Based Care to Complex Populations

Field providers will visit the homes of members who enroll in the program. Caregivers will then provide of in-home health care services, diagnostics, health assessments and other preventive health measures for these members.

December 14, 2022 5G opens opporturnities for remote transmission of Ultrasound

December 6, 2022- 9 Technology trends and takeaways from RSNA 2022
Glassless Digital plates, FDA cleared AI Algorithms, Cold Cathode x-ray Tubes

December 5, 2022 A sign CMS' Vaccine mandate is not a sure thing

The Biden administration is considering a Republican proposal to strike the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the U.S. military, a development that signals future possibility of reversal of the same mandate for healthcare workers.   

11/29/2022 Multistate legal challenger targets "irrational" Covid 19 mandates
Opponents of the federal government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers are pursuing two fresh pathways to defeat it. Both challenges cite the pandemic’s current, less critical stage as a rationale to end an alleged imposition on healthcare workers and their employers.

11/29/2022 Steps for Radiology providers to fight ransomware

Manufacturing remains the industry most commonly targeted by ransomware criminals, but healthcare is gaining fast. One recent report showed attacks in the medical sector up 650% this year over last.

11/28/2022 Millions in Medicare Advantage overcharges revealed in Audits
Officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have said they intend to extrapolate the payment error rates from those samples across the total membership of each plan -- and recoup an estimated $650 million as a result, according to KHN

11/28/2022 New AI model calculates risk of heart attack or stroke using a single chest x-ray

Researchers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) model capable of predicting a patient’s 10-year risk of death from a heart attack or stroke—all with a single chest X-ray. The group behind this work, which includes radiologists, cardiologists and AI specialists, shared its findings at RSNA 2022 in Chicago. 

11/17/2022 New Post Graduate degree for Radiologic Technologists

A university in the Lone Star State is readying a master’s degree program that will prepare grad students to work as radiologic “techs” in all 50 states.The School of Health Professions at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio—aka UT Health San Antonio—says the advanced-degree program will launch in fall 2023.

11/16/2022 Amazon continues major move into Medical Imaging

Cloud giant Amazon Web Services is expanding its 1½ -year-old HealthLake data-management service in two imaging-specific directions. In the process it’s drawing vocal buy-in from healthcare providers as well as imaging vendors.

11/14/2022 COVID 19 public health emergency likely won't end in January

The most recent renewal of the PHE came in October and is set to expire Jan. 11. The federal government previously vowed to provide a 60-day notice of when it planned to end the PHE, but no notification came on Friday, which was the deadline for such an announcement.

11/06/2022 Independent Radiology champion to Congress: "We are in serious danger of losing local healthcare focus"

While independent and non-hospital based providers across the country now face significant cuts, hospitals will receive increased reimbursements of over $6 billion dollars,” RPAN states, adding that Medicare is already paying hospitals around 60% more than it pays independent doctors.

11/04/2022 Evident cyberattack brings Hawaii radiology practice to its knees
A multisite imaging operation in Hawaii has been turning away patients since Oct. 20 due to what its management initially described as unspecified “technical difficulties.”

10/27/2022 Baltimore Ravens, Autumn Health partner as SNF operators seek to rebuild Public Perception

As the skilled nursing industry strives to change public perception of itself, some operators are using unique marketing tactics to show a different side of the sector – including a new partnership between a provider and a NFL team.

10/27/2022 Class action follows data breach of multistate Radiology practice
Patients whose private data may have been stolen by a cyberprowler last December have filed a class action lawsuit against the radiology practice whose IT systems may have been hacked. 

10/26/2022 Growing demand for radiological technologists reflected in 2 educational endeavors
-helping radiologic technologists remotely prepare for, and stay current with, clinical, educational and licensure requirements.  Companies such as Pulse Radiology founded by an x-ray tech uses self paced online courses and pairs each tech-in-training with one of more than 1,1000 imaging centers & hospitals for local instruction - & possible employment. 

10/25/2022 OIG Launches investigation into SNF residents with preventable Hospitalizations - Portable Diagnostics play huge role -OIG will also look into how SNF are paying for services and reporting costs

OIG announced the addition of another investigation to its docket back in August, this one involving whether skilled nursing facilities are reporting related-party costs in accordance with federal regulations.

10/23/2022 Radiology Techs in especially high demand as 85% of hospitals seek Allied health professionals

Findings from a survey conducted by AMN healthcare showed more than four-fifths of healthcare provider organizations are shorthanded of allied health professionals, and the job title with the most unfilled positions in the category is radiologic technologist.

10/18/2022 With No Clear Plan in Sight to Wind down Pandemic Era policies, PHE is again extended another 90 days

Although President Biden expressed that the Covid 19 Pandemic is 'over', the PHE is extended another 90 days from October 18, 2022. 

10/17/2022  Director of CMS division of Nursing Homes says 'We will not go back' to early pandemic restrictions
Evan Shulman, director of the CMS Division of Nursing Homes, told attendees at the 2022 LeadingAge Annual Meeting that recent revisions to resident rights guidance — going into effect later this month — intend to prevent isolation and its potential clinical and cognitive consequences.

10/11/2022 Labor proposal pushes employers on classification of hourly workers

A proposed rule issued Tuesday by the US Department of Labor would more strictly limit how healthcare and other employers classify workers paid on an hourly basis

10/5/2022 CMS Asks for Public Input on establishing First National Directory of Healthcare Providers and Services
CMS is seeking public input on a directory that could serve as a “centralized data hub” for all health care directory and digital contact information with accurate, up-to-date, and validated data in a publicly accessible index

10/3/2022 Ensign on Track to Overtake Genesis as the largest Nursing Home Operator
Ensign announced a series of SNF acquisitions and long-term leases on Monday, including one facility in Arizona, two in South Carolina and six in Texas. The deals bring Ensign’s growing portfolio to 268 health care operations across 13 states.

9/26/2022 More than 100 medical societies push congress to end destructive cycle of annual Medicare cuts
More than 120 medical societies have joined the American Medical Association (AMA) in a letter urging congressional leaders to work with the physician community to enact long-term solutions to the systemic problems in the Medicare physician payment system. The letter also called on Congress to take action to prevent scheduled Medicare payment cuts from going into effect in 2023

9/26/2022 CMS Releases Nursing Home Data on common Ownership in its latest Push for Transparency

Licensing officials, state and federal law enforcement, researchers and the public will, for the first time, be able to identify common owners of nursing homes across multiple locations.

9/26/2022 CDC: Some Nursing Homes can end indoor mask requirements
The CDC also made tweaks to other Covid-related guidance for health care providers in its latest batch of updates. Screening testing of asymptomatic health care personnel, including those in nursing homes, should be at the discretion of the facility. Separate guidance has been issued for residents admitted to nursing homes.

9/23/22 Industry Leaders split on Whether Skilled Nursing's future should seperate Long/Short term care

the big question is where long-term Medicaid beneficiaries would go if they’re not occupying beds in a nursing home.

9/20/2022‚Äč New CMS Data platform raises concerns about access, worker privacy
A technology change is raising concerns about data access and worker privacy as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services transitions to a new, more secure data-reporting process.

9/20/2022 OIG partly blames CMS for Life Care Centers of America deficencies

A federal watchdog said a lack of communication by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services may have caused infection control deficiency citations at Life Care Centers of America nursing homes between Jan. 2019 and May 2020.

9/14/2022 HRSA sends more PRF money, still reviewing Phase 4 applications
The Health Resources and Services Administration disbursed $60 million in Phase 4 PRF funds to 293 providers, leaving approximately $1.6 billion still to be given out.
There are still 1% of Phase 4 applicants to be reviewed, the agency noted.

9/8/2022 RBMA presses CMS to amend 2023 physician fee schedule

Warning that proposed new cuts in Medicare reimbursement could afflict U.S. healthcare with “severe and permanent damage,” the Radiology Business Management Association has presented CMS with detailed recommendations for stopping such a dire scenario from arising.

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Important Dates for Reporting

Recipients who received one or more payments exceeding $10,000, in the aggregate, during a Payment Received Period are required to report in each applicable Reporting Time Period as outlined in the table below. LEARN MORE

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Providers who are required to report in Reporting Period 4:
The Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Reporting Portal is now open for Reporting Period 4 (RP4). Providers who received a PRF (General or Targeted) and/or American Rescue Plan Rural payment(s), exceeding $10,000 in the aggregate, from July 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 are required to report on their use of funds during RP4. The deadline to submit a report is March 31, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Upcoming Reporting Periods
  • Reporting Period 5 opens on July 1, 2023
  • Reporting Period 6 opens on January 1, 2024
  • Reporting Period 7 opens on July 1, 2024


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